Sanshou/Sanda is the internationally recognised rule system for competitive fighting within wushu. It is a full contact sport that includes stand-up fighting with punches and kicks against the legs, body and head, together with throws sweeps and takedowns.

The techniques are taken from different styles of kung fu, and in this way the styles are incorporated (but separate from) the competition system. It is like both Thai- and kick-boxing but also includes all types of take downs. The contest matches take place on a large 8 x 8 platform without a rope.

There is also Sanda Pro which caters to professional practitioners. The biggest difference here is that one does not use the same head or body protection as in sanshou and knee techniques are allowed. In addition there can be more and longer rounds.

The sanshou training in SWI is oriented around hard physical training with emphasis on strength and fitness, stretching and agility, together with fighting techniques and sparring. The training is tiered for both beginners and advanced students and is good both for exercise and competition training.The sanshou training is led by Gunnar Malm who has extensive experience as a competitor at international competitions and as an instructor. Gunnar is also an international sanshou referee and sits on the federation’s referee committee.


Training times for sanshou:
Tuesdays 19:15–20:30
Thursdays 19:15–20:30
Sundays 14:00–15:15