Shaolin Training Camp

Training camp at the Shaolin Temple in Henan province in China. Up to a months rock-hard training with lodging included at one of the best Kung fu schools in the region.

Choose between traditional Shaolin kung fu and sanda, or both.

You will live and train at the school and in your free time there is plenty of opportunity for excursions to many different, fantastic places in the area around the Shaolin Temple and Songshan mountains!

With qualified Chinese instructors you get training in different aspects of Shaolin kung fu. During the trip you will learn at least two traditional forms and potentially another (for example a weapon form).

In addition there is the opportunity to study Chinese.

Example of daily timetable:

06:00–06:45 light run and lighter basic training
07:00–07:30 breakfast
09:00–11:00 training
11:30 lunch
12:00–14:00 rest
15:00–17:00 Chinese (alternatively solo training)
17:30 dinner
19:00–21:00 training

The stay includes, in addition to training: excursion to the Shaolin Temple, hikes in the mountains and visits to different, interesting places in the region. There are Swedish speaking staff and translators on site.