The Training

The training in SWI occurs in a modern setting with solid knowledge of both training and tradition. All of our head instructors have trained in China and many have international competition experience. The training is set up so that you can train for competitions, exercise or personal development regardless of what style or group you choose.

In sanshou the training is oriented around fighitng, with physical training, sparring and combat, consisting of punches, kicks and throws.

In Shaolin kung fu one trains traditional Shaolin kung fu, with traditional forms (taolu) and techniques.

In standardised taolu (taolu for official wushu competitions) one focuses on contemporary forms applicable in modern competitions. The forms that are trained include Chang Quan and Nan Quan. (Please note that during the Spring 2014 term, only individual courses are taught in standardised taolu, there are no regular classes as part of the current training plan. Contact us if you are interested in standardised taolu practise).

We also offer qigong which is a building, strengthening and healing form of training, perfect for rehabilitation. Contact us for times.

The traditional way of wushu/kung fu consists of sanshou and taolu together, complementing each other. Today, when wushu is more developed as a sport, it is common for a student to focus on one or the other.

There is the opportunity to train in more than one group.

In the children’s group 1 (5-7 years) och 2 (8 to 12 years) we train traditional Shaolin kung fu and basic training that prepares them for different styles in wushu, both taolu and sanshou.  There is both a beginner group and an experienced group and we train 1 – 3 times a week.

Read more about the different styles and groups in the menu to the left.

Training Clothes

In taolu and shaolin we train in t-shirt, sweatpants and lightweight sneakers (or barefoot).  This also applies to the children’s group. You can purchase clothing and shoes specifically tailored for kung fu training in our store.

In sanda we train barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt/tank top. Eventually one will need a mouthguard, cup, shinguards and boxing gloves but these aren’t a necessity in the first term.

You can buy anything you need through the club at Wushu Sports Equipment.


Wushu, another name for kung fu, is a Chinese martial art with ancient roots.